Investigative Services

Good decisions require good information. Credible information that has been gathered correctly, analyzed effectively and reported cogently.

With the advent of progressive legislation at the Provincial and Federal level, the importance of skillfully conducted impartial fact finding investigations remain crucial to an organization ability to meet their ethical and legislative obligations.

Our investigative services represent a particular acumen for operating in climates of complexity, high levels of acrimony or possible physical danger. Perhaps not surprisingly, our many years of experience have shown that given the nature of the impartial and unflinching investigative work we undertake, not everyone is fond of what we do. As such, further legitimate interest in these services can be secured by contacting the office directly.

SOI has completed hundreds of files with the following types of investigations:

  • Discrimination complaints under the Federal Canadian Human Rights Act;
  • Discrimination complaints under the various Provincial Human Rights Codes;
  • Bill 14 complaints under WorkSafeBC;
  • Harassment investigations at the Federal, Provincial and corporate level;
  • Grievance investigations under various Provincial and Federal collective agreements;
  • Misconduct investigations under Federal, Provincial and corporate policy;
  • Violence in the workplace complaints under the Canada Labour Code;
  • Initial fact finding and situational assessments.
  • Independent exit interviews.

  • SOI investigations are based on three interconnected imperatives:

  • Establishing an agreed upon and clearly understood mandate;
  • Meticulous planning and preparation;
  • Undertaking discreet investigative activities that comply with relevant legislation, organizational policy and the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

  • The methods and means related to our investigative practice, especially as they relate to workplace violence and associated threats, remain confidential. For matters of both information management and personal security, identifiable details pertaining to clients or staff are not available on our website. Appropriate relevant details may be secured by contacting our office.

    See our training page for course and coaching related to investigative learning opportunities